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Phone: (217) 428-8080   Address: 143 N. Water St. Decatur, IL

Why Choose Us?

Macon County Title, L.L.C. is the oldest title company in Decatur, Illinois. In fact, we have been serving central Illinois since the 1880’s. Our in-house plant comprises over 150 years of records from Macon and surrounding counties.

We can handle your home sale or other transaction, make it easy and do it at the lowest cost to you.

With three in-house attorneys on staff, we are able to handle complex closings, exchanges and related escrow transactions. We also offer Agreement for Deed Escrow services.

MCT serves Macon and all surrounding counties including: DeWitt, Moultrie, Sangamon, Christian, Shelby and Piatt. Our average turn-around time is usually 2-3 business days. MCT has been an authorized agent for First American Title Insurance Company for over 40 years.


Macon County Title and Abstract started with J.R. Larson and F.E. Kinney, official abstractors of Macon County. It was originally located in the old Macon County Courthouse next to the County Recorder. The business was later sold to attorney Arthur Ploeger who operated the company as Ploeger Title in two locations. Attorney Andrew P. Chiligiris purchased the company in 1995 and changed the name back to Macon County Title. Eileen Butler worked for the company for over 50 years and was a key employee for 3 of its owners. We have been located in a historical building in downtown Decatur for 18 years with a state of the art closing facility.

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