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Phone: (217) 428-8080   Address: 143 N. Water St. Decatur, IL

Welcome to Macon County Title
At Macon County Title, we have been specializing in real estate transactions for over 100 years. We can handle your home or building sale, farm sale, property search or other real estate matter with one call and at the lowest cost to you. Please browse our site and email or call with any questions. We are here to help.

Leading the Way

Macon County Title, L.L.C. is the oldest title company in Decatur, Illinois. Our in-house plant comprises over 150 years of records from Macon and surrounding counties.

The A-Team

With three in-house attorneys on staff, we are able to handle complex closings, exchanges and related escrow transactions. We also offer Agreement for Deed Escrow services.

Serving Central Illinois

MCT serves Macon and all surrounding counties including: DeWitt, Moultrie, Sangamon, Christian, Shelby and Piatt.

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